About Me

My name is Toni Alexis
I'm a stay-at-home mom of two little girls, 
Lillian and Olivia.
We live in Memphis, Tennessee
We have two dogs, Esme and Xander.

Before becoming a mom, I worked
as a veterinary technician and most days
I miss it very much; but I wouldn't change a thing.
I started cloth diapering and striving to live a less
mainstream life during my pregnancy with Olivia in 2010,
after battling a horrible diaper rash on Lillian that caused bleeding
chemical burn-like welts! I never imagined that my choice to
cloth diaper would impart change my whole life
and my entire thinking on how I parent.
Now I strive to make natural choices.. such as
babywearing, co-sleeping, delayed-vaccinating,
using reusable and organic (when possible)
and gentle loving discipline.
It is a constant struggle and I learn something
new each and every day.
When my children are old and leave the nest
I hope that I have instilled them with good morals,
a healthy and secure image of life, themselves and
treating our world, that God gave us with dignity and respect!
I still have many things to learn and change...
but don't we all?

"O if only you would actually pay attention to 
my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river"
Isaiah 48:18