Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking the Silence

It has been too long since I have been away.
My life seems to change day by day but I always 
think about all my Crazy 4 Fluff readers that
I neglected.

As most of you may know I am going thru a 
divorce after being married for 5 years and 
together for nearly 8.
This journey has been by far the most difficult
chapter in my life.

I am now working 40 plus hours a week
and after getting home to my precious little
girls, taking care of my duties, etc..
I find absolutely no time to maintain my blog.
Though I miss it so dearly.

So this is me.. Breaking the silence.
I won't lie.. I may not be able to host
as many wonderful reviews and giveaways 
as I have in the past year BUT I will try
my utmost to keep this blog ALIVE!

So enough with the sad, depressing story of my
life as it is now.
I want to rant about cloth diapers.

Say it isn't so? Right?
But it is..
Maybe because my life is so chaotic these days
that the everyday joys that cloth diapering 
used to give me just isn't the same as it
once was.
I still use cloth, I send cloth the sitter..
But I find myself dreading it.

How can this be?? 
Me.. Mama of Crazy 4 Fluff, 
the "I will not surrender to sposies" lady
admits she has secretively bought a few packs
of sposies.. Just so I didn't have to wash a load
of diapers. (Hangs head low)

Can you ever forgive me? (lol)
Please someone tell me you can relate!
Now.. I'm not ready to go out and sell off my HUGE
stash but I admit the thought has crossed my mind a
time or two.
Maybe it's because I'm now a broke, single mother.
I honestly can't tell you the last time I got
fluff mail. Oh and we all know that fluff mail
is one of the things that makes cloth diapering
so stinking addictive!

I feel like I need a fix. 
Should I just stuff a diaper in a poly-mailer, 
address it to myself and drop it off at the
post office? No... that just wouldn't be the
same. Though it does sound kinda fun.

I don't want to feel this way.
It's like a friend I've lost contact with.
I've got to get out of this funk!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

HoneyBun's Cloth Diaper Winner

The winner of the HoneyBun's cloth diaper winner is..

 #28- Janelle

Congratulations!! You are the winner of the $15 gift certificate to
HoneyBun's Etsy shop to spend as you please!
Please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim 
your fluffy goodness :)

Softbums Omni Winner

The winner of the Softbums Omni diaper is..

 #419- Julie G.

Congrats mama! You have won a Softbums Omni
of your choice PLUS a sampler of pods!
Please respond to my email within 48 hours
to claim this wonderful fluffy prize!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HoneyBun's Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

Do you ever just spend countless hours browsing Etsy?
Please say yes, For some times I fear I may be the only
one who find themselves consumed in the overwhelming
array of amazing shops that provide 
such gorgeous, handmade items.

One of those amazing shops is HoneyBun's.
While googling over the items in that shop I can literally hear my
brain churning, trying to think of ways to get extra money!

The owner of HoneyBun's is a woman named Nikki, 
from a small town in central Texas. 
She contributes her talents to her parents, 
while growing up her father was an artist and 
mother made jewelry, sewed and crocheted.
After marrying and later becoming a stay at home mom, 
she made the decision to open up her own shop. 
HoneyBun's is made up of two separate shops;
Nikki's mother has her own shop as well, Debbie's Designs.

Nikki was so kind to offer to send me one of her
precious cloth diapers to test out on Olivia.

I chose the white with neon butterflies print but
honestly that was a very tough decision.
The wide selection of darling prints is staggering.
They are all so very unique and jaw dropping.


HoneyBun's cloth diaper are an All-In-One diaper.
The inner material is made with 4 layers of cotton terrycloth
which makes it very absorbent, and the outer is made with
printed PUL which makes it waterproof. 
Yep.. that's right, NO cover needed.
Who would want to cover a diaper that cute?

HoneyBun's cloth diapers are made by size.
Why you may ask?
Nikki has been cloth diapering for awhile and find that
not all one-size cloth diapers fit ALL ages as they are supposed to. 
She had issues with One-Size diapers on her little one with
how they fit and leaking issues.
Who wants a diaper to sag... If we wanted that we'd use
sposies, right?
HoneyBun's diapers are available from XS to XL!

The closure of the HoneyBun's cloth diaper is made
with hook and loop which Nikki feels gives a better
fit on babies.

Plus convenient laundry tabs to help avoid the
dreaded diaper train while in the washing machine.

The legs and back opening of the HoneyBun's 
cloth diaper have braided elastic that is nice 
and stretchy!

This feature provides a wonderful fit around my
little girls thunder thighs and chubby waist.
The elastic also helps keep messes in where 
they are supposed to be!

The shape of the HoneyBun's cloth diaper
has got to be my hands-down favorite part.
The crotch is very narrow and fits wonderfully
between Olivia's thighs instead of over her thighs.
The rise is also just as remarkable.
It sit generously over her hips and rest right at the 
belly button. 

I love this diaper, but I would love it even more
if a different type of aplix was used.
I am not sure if it is just the type of aplix 
or if it is because the strip of aplix is
too thin; but Olivia can get this diaper off way 
too easily. With a simple tug... off it goes!

I would highly recommend HoneyBun's 
cloth diapers to anyone.
The fit is great, they are adorable, absorbent
and did I mention cute.. Wait I did! :)

I am also DYING to get a few things from
HoneyBun's Cottage in the Woods' shop.
She has so many charming leg warmers, 
flowers and her artwork is TO-DIE-FOR!

This mama is truly talented!

You can purchase a HoneyBun's cloth diaper
thru Nikki's Etsy shop or visit 
to purchase her other lovely items.

Nikki has graciously offered to give ONE lucky reader
a $15 gift certificate to her HoneyBun's cloth diaper shop!

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