Friday, September 30, 2011

Softbums Review & Giveaway*CLOSED*

I love versatility, don't we all?
Having an item, especially a baby item, that can be
used for more than one thing or in more than one way
just seems to make life a little less complicated.
Softbums makes a diaper that is the definition
of being versatile, The Softbums Omni.
Softbums Omni in Miss Kitty print
The name alone of the Softbums Omni 
speaks for itself; The definition of the 
word "omni" is a form of "all".
Truly the Softbums Omni does it ALL.

 You can Snap it..
You can Stuff it...

and you can cover it.

 If you like to use All-in-Two diaper where
the insert lays on top and is snapped in,
Softbums Omni is perfect for you.
Or if you like to use a pocket diaper where
you can stuff as much absorbency as you need
inside, then the Softbums Omni is perfect for you.
Or if you like to use a prefold or fitted with an added cover,
then once again the Softbums Omni is perfect for you.
It really is versatile, right?
It's evident why Softbums is called
"The High Performance Diaper".

The closure of the Softbums Omni is a made with
a industrial strength velcro that is made to withstand
the test of time and it won't "wear out" like other
velcro closures.

The Omni is a One Size diaper and features Softbums
unique, patent pending, Slide2Size technology, which
is the ONLY variable adjustment of its kind.

To adjust the sizing of the Softbums Omni
locate the top portion of the diaper, there is a small
opening (almost unseen) simply slide a finger down
into the slit and pull of the drawstring.
This unique feature creates a truly customizable diaper
unlike any other I have seen.
It is easy to adjust and readjust if you have need to.
 I mentioned earlier that the Omni diaper can be used
as a pocket diaper.

 The pocket that is built into this diaper is very generous.
Nice, wide opening allowing room for added absorbency
or for those who might have husbands that have big hands.
Though honestly I know most of us mamas do the diaper stuffing ;)

I love how deep the Omni is!
I also have a Softbums Echo diaper and in comparison
the Omni is much more generous in this area.
Even with a bulky trifolded prefold the 
Softbums Omni is able to cover it wonderfully 
without a problem!

Softbums offers a variety of inserts for the Omni (and the Echo):
DryTouch pods- "absorbent and economical.  
Use one for daytime and add a Mini Pod 
for older babies, nights and naps.  
Made to fit just as easily in an Omni pocket 
and snapped into an Echo, these Pods contain 
4 layers of absorbent microfiber and are topped 
with creamy soft microfleece.  With no need to 
fold for larger babies, these are our easiest Pods yet."
Super Pods- "most absorbent Pods for your SoftBums Shell.  
Great for naps, night-time, and heavy wetters.  
These Pods contain 3 layers of absorbent microfiber 
and topped with soft microfleece.  
When folded you have 6 layers of absorbency, 
so there's no need to add a Mini Pod.  
Snap into your Echo or Omni, 
or turn it around and stuff in your Omni pocket!"
Organic Bamboo Pods- "super absorbent and all natural.  
These amazing Pods are made of 70% Organic Bamboo 
and 30% Organic Cotton and are both super 
absorbent and super trim.  For a great fit witho
ut extra bulk and without sacrificing absorbency, 
these are the best!!  Organic Pods are super breathable 
and provide the most comfortable and rash free 
diapering experience available!  
These are especially great stuffed into your 
Omni Shell because they're so trim 
there's still room for a Mini or two!"
Dry Touch Mini Pods- "3 layers of absorbent microfiber terry 
and topped with a super soft layer of microfleece 
to provide comfort and a dry feel for your baby!  
Lay them in your Echo Shell or stuff them in your 
Omni with a Pod to increase absorbency for 
heavy wetters or overnight use. 
You can put them on top or beneath the Pod.  
You can also use them alone with an Echo or 
Omni Shell for newborns for a super trim fit while 
still providing comfort and a dry feel along 
with plenty of absorbency for any newborn!"
Organic Bamboo Mini Pods- "3 layers of absorbent 
organic bamboo fleece. 
These Mini Pods are as absorbent as 
DryTouch Mini Pods, but are only half as bulky 
for a super trim fit.  Not only that, but they're 
made from a blend of organic bamboo and 
organic cotton fibers and provide unsurpassed 
comfort, breathability and protection from rash!"
Mini Pod and Super Pod

Along with the Softbums Omni I received a Super Pod
and Dry Touch Mini Pod for review.

The Omni and a Dry Touch Pod

I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the Super Pod.
I doubted that I would be able to fit it inside the
pocket of the Omni.
But to my surprise, it fits wonderfullyand
with additional room for a Mini Pod.
The Super Pod is just that.. Super!
It is extremely absorbent and worked
overnight for my heavy wetter.

The fit is beyond superb.
The Omni when paired with the Super Pod
is a bit bulky but with a regular DryTouch Pod
it is actually pretty trim compared to some others.
I love the adjustable legs of Softbums.
I can easily adjust the size for Olivia or for Lillian.
(Lillian only wears diapers at night)

The rise rest right below the naval and covers Olivia's rump perfectly!
The aplix closure is wonderful for a wiggly baby who never wants
to sit still long enough for a diaper change, though
I do have issues with her trying to take thediaper off!
She has been succesful once or twice getting one side off
thankfully she wasn't soiled at the time.
The adjustable sizing makes the fit over Olivia's
chunky thighs the best of any diaper!
Leaving no red marks anywhere.
I love it.
I use the Super Pod at night but a Dry Touch usually
works just fine for everyday use and the Mini pod
would be perfect if I had a newborn but I also add it in
when Lillian wear the Omni at night time.

I am thoroughly impressed by the Softbums Omni
and would highly recommend it to anyone!
This diaper is one of your go-to babysitter or grandma diapers.
So easy to use and super absorbent.
I ("need") want more ;)


The Softbums Omni is available at several retailers 
or you can purchase straight from Softbums.
Solo Pack- $23.95

Softbums has generously offered ONE lucky reader
a Omni shell in the color/print of their 
choice and a sampling of insert options.

Mandatory Entry: 
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This giveaway will end October 14, 2011 at 11:59pm CST.
                    Winner will be notified by email and posted on my blog!
Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

**This is not a paid post. The opinions of this product are strictly that of my own and completely unbiased!
**Thank you to the sponsor for the chance to review this product and for giving one lucky fan a prize

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sustainablilty Under Siege!

What do you see in this picture above?
I see a quaint little house in Memphis, home to
Adam Guerrero, a teacher at Raleigh Egypt High School.
I see sustainability at it's best but some see a public nuisance, Why?

In the front yard, down the edge of the driveway is a small 
organic garden, in his garage is a set up to make 
bio-diesel and homemade soap, in the side yard 
you will find barrels to catch rain water 
and solar panels to maximize harvest year round, 
and in his back yard you will find 
compost bins and a few beehives.

From Guerrero's Facebook Page: Bio-Diesel set up

From Guerrero's Facebook Page
Adam has taken a few of his students and other young men
from his inner-city neighborhood under his wing and
they help tend to the garden, make soap, bio-diesel, 
tend to the bees and learn how to be sustainable in 
a not-so-sustainable city!

From Guerrero's Facebook Page

What a wonderful activity for these youngsters, right?
You think the community that Mr.Guerrero lives in would
be proud to have a man like this in their neighborhood, right?
But unfortunately that is NOT the case.

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:
After an unknown complaint Mr. Guerrero was cited 
for violating city ordinances and a judge deemed his
property a nuisance for failure to maintain 
"a clean and sanitary condition free from 
any accumulation of rubbish or garbage". 
Mr. Guerrero has been ordered to clean up
and will face the judge again on Sept. 23
to prove that he has done so.

Please help save Adam's garden!
This isn't just about HIS garden..
It's about sustainability as a whole.
Why can't Mr.Guerrero or others grow their own food?
Why is his beehive such a bothersome sight?
I admire that Mr. Guerrero has the time, energy
and drive to provide such a wonderful service to 
the youth in his neighborhood and I believe it 
sets a wonderful example for all of us that try to 
have just a small piece of sustainability..
If it be a small family garden, not using paper towels
or taking a small step to recycle more.

There is a petition that has been started to help
save Adam's garden and a Chip-in to help
raise funds to over-turn the judge's ruling.
Please if you can, take a moment of your time
and help save this garden.

Sign The Petition

Follow the "Save Adam's Garden" Blog

From Memphis Flyer
From Memphis Flyer

From Memphis Flyer

From Memphis Flyer

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheeky Cloth Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Cheeky Cloth giveaway is:

#662- Karine Traverse
Congrats! You have won a fitted diaper from Cheeky Cloth.
Please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your prize.
Keep an eye out for a Softbums, Charlie Banana 
and a few mama cloth giveaway coming VERY soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

CottonBabies Does It Again

I am a BIG fan of CottonBabies.
From the BumGenius line, to Econobum
to Flip.. Everything they put their name
on seems to be a hit!

Today, while browsing through my feed on Facebook
I came across a picture of a BumGenius diaper
in a gorgeous new color.
Where have I been? New Colors from CottonBabies?

Instantly I jumped on over to CottonBabies website
and low and behold..
CottonBabies is making some changes.

 First, There is a new diaper in town!
I was sad when CottonBabies discontinued their
BumGenius All-In-One; it has been our go
to daddy/baby sitter diaper.
CottonBabies was no fool, they obviously
knew the AIOs were a hit but they replaced the old
AIOs with the  
BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper.

In addition to making changes in the sizing of the
AIO, they also changed the performance.
"Maximize your freetime with the NEW, all-in-one, one-size cloth diaper. 
Two semi-attached stay dry inserts inside allow 
for adjustable absorbency. Diaper your baby in one easy step!"

CottonBabies has released a new Flip poduct,
The Flip Potty Trainer!

I am especially excited about this new addition!
Lillian who will be 3 next month is still 
learning how to use the potty and occasionally 
has accidents.
The Flip Potty Trainer would be a great addition
to our stash for night time or out of the house trips

Last but not least Cottonbabies
has added several new colors
and prints to their selection. These new colors will 
be available on Flip and BumGenius and the prints
will be available on Bumgenius diapers.
Not that I wasn't happy with the former
color choices but these are fabulous! 

I definitely don't NEED any more diapers
but I know that I can not live without a
Lovelace diaper!

The new Flip Potty Trainers and BumGenius Freetime
are available for preorder from your favorite
retailer as of today!

Grits and Giggles Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Grits and Giggles giveaway is

#85- Tara

Congratulations Tara! You have won a $15 gc to the 
Grits and Giggles Etsy shop.
Please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

The morning started off like any other day, 
I was a Sophomore in High School sitting in first period
Mr. White's Biology class.
I remember it all too clearly, a few students who
worked as aids in the office went to a few classrooms
alerting the teachers to turn the televisions on.
As Mr. White turned on the television, there is was 
like a scene from an action film
a plane driving into the second tower of the World
Trade Center.
It seemed all too surreal.
"What is going on" I remember thinking.

I remember the gut wrenching sickening feeling 
when I realized the gravity of the situation.
I just witnessed the death of thousands of innocent lives.
Those images still flash through my head and it brings
back that same nauseating wave inside of me.

To know that so many people lost their lives that day,
those victims were someones Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousin, 
Daughter, Son, Friend, Husband, Aunt, Uncle...

It is so hard to believe that it has been 10 years
since that horrific day in our history.
It still seems so fresh but such a distant memory.
My heart still goes out to all those who lost a loved
one on that day, for I can't even begin to imagine
the amount of sorrow that this day brings them.
I know they too, more so than I, will never forget
Where they were the day the world stop turning. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Big Sister, Little Sister, Best Friends

I can't keep clothes on Lillian, sorry for the half nakey toddler ;)