Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Showers bring May Floods

Hey mamas!
I know it has been awhile since I blogged.
Life has been hectic.

We are under a Flood warning here in Memhis, TN
and we have taken precautions are prepared to be evacuated.
We live on a very large creek that feeds into the Loosahatchie River
which in turn feeds into the Mississippi River.
With the MS River at record highs due to torrential rains
not only here but up north, they are predicting 
an "Epic flood." 

Last year we had a similar event but due a levee breaking
we managed to escape major flooding in our neighboorhood.
Although some others did not fair so well. 

Not too far from my house- May 2010
We are hoping and praying to be as fortunate as last year 
but are taking as many precautions as possible.
Out belongings (for the majority) as
packed up and in the attic, our furniture has been
placed upon cinder block and now we just watch and wait.

It seems all too cruel.
This waiting game is killing me 
but at least this year we have a warning unlike last.

Until we know what the future may hold
I won't be very active.
A post here, a post there, for the most part.

I begged the hubs to put my computer back up
so I didn't go absolutely insane...
Hence, I'm able to write this post.

 Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns!