Friday, August 19, 2011

My Life As It Is Now

It has been so long since I have actually blogged
that you may have forgotten that I even exist, 
but I ensure you that I am still here and I will not
let this chapter in my life get me down!

As some of you may know, I am currently
separated from my husband of five years.
He wants a divorce and now our two girls
and I are living with my mother.

I have been a stay at home mom for close
to three wonderful years now but in the
very near future I will be looking for a job.
It makes my heart so very heavy to think about
leaving my girls in the care of a babysitter
while I go to work but unfortunately that
is what I have to do to support my girls and myself.

Since the separation from my husband I have been
overwhelmed from the out-poor of kind messages
and emails, wishing me strength to get through this.
The amount of loving words and sayings of prayers
for my girls and myself warm my very soul.

My life as it is now is nowhere near that I ever imagined
it to be but I know that I will manage to pick
up the pieces and keep on going.
There will be a wonderful rainbow after this storm,
that I now for certain.
When that rainbow may appear is a mystery
but I will keep my chin up and look for it daily.

I will try my best to not neglect my blog
and all you wonderful Crazy 4 Fluff followers.
I won't be as available as I have been in the past
but I do have big plans in store for this blog
and I hope you all stick around for the journey
that I am about to embark on.
This chapter in my life will be over soon
and then I will be on to brighter and better things.
Once again Thank you all for all the thoughts, prayers
and loving kindness you continue to show me..
I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough.


Diddlepoyner said...

Keep your chin up, Things happen for a reason. You may not understand now but later down the line it will make sense