Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebration Giveaway Winners

Thank you everyone for your patience, 
this giveaway has been in the works for MONTHS 
but finally I met my goal and exceeded..
2,000 Facebook fans and 1,000 blog followers
and to think Crazy 4 Fluff is only 6 months old!
Wow! I never imagined this would happen;
Thank you all so very much.
So enough with my ramblings..
Here is what you have all been waiting for
The list of winners!

1. Zookies- Amanda Kaye Lorenzo
2. The Juniper Cottage- Mandy Sergent
3. BooBear Boutique- Ashlyn Crowsey
4. CJN Flowers & Primitives- Shannon Gammon
5.Comfy Buns#1- Peggy Ann Wolsefer-Keen
6. Comfy Buns#2-Jess Wilson
7. Comfy Buns#3-Jennifer Hightower
8. Crunchy Clean- Trisha Ann Grimes
9. Dippee Dypees- Mary Velasquez
10. Eco Baby Mama Drama- Erica Ann Nicholas
 - Selina Richelle Rupers
12. FluffyRumps- Tevya Harpole
13. Little One Books- Rebecca Gonyea
14. GoGreen Pocket Diapers- Kristina Severson
15.How Fast Time Flies- Sammie Kistner
16. Bouncing Woolies- Jessica Pena
17. Impassion Creations- Belle Windham
18. Newly Crunchy Mama- Amanda Alvarado
19. OhKaty Diapers- Barb Myers
20.Kayleigh's Knits- Lindsey Kendall
21. Bum Covered Diapers-  Tonia Pollack
22. Lillypad Diapers- Samantha Cuhel
23. My This N That Life- Boyzrule
24. Kael&Kaed- Heidi Reall Daily
25. Purple Baby Brigade- Erin Kuester
26. Crazy 4 Fluff- Amy Hixon
27. Pilar the Tooth Fairy- Audrey Griffis
28. The Parent Guide- Sarah LaRai Castro
29. Tushie Ties- April Winberg Rentzsch
30. Crum's This N' That- Nicole Hatch
31. Earthy Crunchy Mama- Holly Cowan
32. My Beautiful Girl-Chantelle Garrett Jackson
33. Ellie Bellie Baby- Christine Marie Rosin Drumb

YAY! Hooray for winners!
Congrats mamas! 
You have 48 hours to claim your prize. 
This list of winners has been emailed to all the sponsors
but it is NOT their responsibility to track you down.
You must be a fan of their FB page (or blog follower)
to win the giveaway item. 
If you are NOT in compliance you will automatically
be disqualified and I will redraw.
If prizes are not claimed in 48hours- 
I will redraw another winner.

Thank you to everyone, sponsor and participants alike!
I had a lot of fun and I hope you did as well!


ashley said...

Congrats everyone!

boyzrule said...

Yay! I won at My This N That Life...thanks to both of you!!!

Trisha said...

Awesome! Thanks so much =D

Selina said...

Yay! How do I claim my prize... do I contact the sponsor directly?

Boise Wiebers said...

Great work for 6 months. I guess I didn't realize you were that new. I didn't realize I'd been following you since you were practically a newborn! Take care, Trisha

JennaHightower said...

Yay :) Contacted my sponsor! Thank you!!

Amy said...

I won a prize from you :) Do you need me to email you? Thanks!

Jessca said...
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Kate said...

Tweet 6/28!/clothmamak8/status/85767163864035328

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Kate said...

Facebook post 6/28

clothmamak8 at

Kate said...

I voted on picket fence 6/28 #1

clothmamak8 at

Kate said...

I voted on picket fence 6/28 #2

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