Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey You! Show me your stash!

That's right! Show me your stash! I'd love to see all your fluff!
It doesn't matter if you have 1 diaper or 100 diapers!
I'd also love to see how you store your stash.
Do you keep them in a drawer? In a closet? In a basket?
I have two separate stashes;
DD1 is 25months old and weighs 32lbs, so most of her diapers are OS or Larges.
DD2 is 6weeks old and 11lbs, the majority of her diapers are smalls, with a few OS that DD1 outgrew.
Since we have two seperate stashes, I store them separately.
Which can be an inconvience at times! I'd love to know how/where you keep your.
Maybe I can get some good ideas!

No more small talk.. Here is my stash.  (About 15 diapers not shown, in the wash)                                

DD1- Stored in drawer w/ extra inserts, doublers and prefolds.
DD2- Stored in Bins under changing table

If you want to show off your stash, post your pictures on my wall on Facebook!
Or email them to me at

Thanks Mamas!
~Toni **Crazy 4 Fluff