Friday, December 3, 2010

My first blog! :)

Well, It's official.. I'm a Mommy Blogger!
I definitely have my hands full now. I have a 2 year HYPER toddler and a FUSSY (reflux) 6week old!
I must be crazy wanting to start my own review/giveaway fan page and blog!
But hey I am Crazy 4  Fluff. And that is what started this mad idea.
I started cloth diapering in August (2010) and since then it has litterally became an obsession.
Not just with cloth diapers.. Who can resist fluff mail? But the review/giveaway from other blogger mamas!
So.. Here I go, Head first!

When I get to 100 fan on Facebook I will be giving away a pair of leg warmers from My Little Legs!
So send all your mama friends (and dads, Since I know there are a few out there!)

Thank you! ~Toni ** Crazy 4 Fluff


LoveLivesHere said...

New GFC follower :)

Check me out at

Toni George said...

I now follow your blog :)
Thanks Mama!!!

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Yay! Congrats! I'm following you:) We will have to work out a review/giveaway with Snuggli Bebe in the near future! :)

Shannon (CMo3) said...

New Follower.

See you follow me already!

Lindsay said...

Hi! Congrats on starting a mommy blog! It can sometimes be hard to get started with reviews/giveaways...I have a list of wonderful sponsors that are willing to work with new mommy bloggers, if you're interested in it, feel free to send me an email at spoonsspadesandstitches{at}gmail{dot}com.