Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloth made it in the Memphis newspaper!

I live in a city that isn't very "Green" but slowly
Eco-friendly, natural life choices are becoming more and more
prominent and popular! 

Recently I was contacted by a reposter from the commercial
appeal about an article she wanted to write about cloth diapers!
 I was beyond tickled.
 This is finally a step in the right direction, especially for a city that
doesn't even have a brick and mortar cloth diaper store.

 As I have mentioned before, I am co-hosting 
The Great Cloth Diaper Change-2011
here in Memphis on April 23,2011.
Two of the Three other mamas that are helping were also contacted
about this article, Rachel (Grounds Crew) and Ashley (Crunchy Clean).

Want to read the article?
Check it out HERE 

Our facebook page has already jumped in fans!
This is such a monumental step for cloth diaper advocacy here.
When Rachel first started the page to share 
about The Great Cloth Diaper Change
and she never imagined that there were 
so many local cloth diapering mamas.
Now we have close to 50 partipants registered for the event and more 
signin up ever day! If you want to be a part of helping us
set a world record for the most cloth diaper changes at once.
Visit HERE to find a location near you
or HERE for Memphians.

Needless to say I am elated!
I can only dream of how this will change the view
of cloth diapers in my city!