Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I love breastfeeding..

The International Breastfeeding Symbol

I have said it once, I will say it again,
Breastfeeding is beautiful.
I love everything about it.
I love the close bond between my children and myself.
I love the fact that I am the sole
nutrition for my flourishing little baby.
I love how natural it is.

Even before I had children, I always
knew I would breastfeed.
I always knew my breast were there for 
a reason and couldn't imagine not 
using them for their original intent.

I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like
I chose to nurse because I'm lazy.
Everything about formula feeding is time consuming and difficult.

I love the fact that I can feed my baby
without even getting out of bed.
I don't have to worry about running
out of milk! 
Or packing enough bottles in the 
diaper bag when we leave the house.

The hubby makes fun of me because
I even use nursing to get
out of doing a chore or task.
I can easily say "I have to feed the baby."
Sometimes this is true but I admit I take advantage of it.

I also have been known to 
nurse while driving.
Ok, Not me driving... that would be just wrong!
Let me give a little history here.
When Lillian was 8 months old we took a 12 hour drive to visit
my family in Pennsylvania.
Lillian was doing very well but she was
feeling a bit insecure and was demanding to nurse.
Out of pure necessity, I attempted to nurse her with her still in her carseat.
It worked!
This beacame a useful tool for future trips!
I don't know how we would have survived.
So the other day Olivia was complaining in the back 
seat after a long day at the mall.
She had nursed an hour before but she
was distracted and didn't eat a full meal.
I knew she wouldn't survive the full 30min drive home!
I jumped into the back seat of our s.u.v. and
did what I had to!
I leaned over her car seat and fed that hungry little girl!

If I were bottle feeding.. How much harder that would have been.
I would have had to prepare a bottle if I hadn't already had one at my disposal!

There are several health benefits for mother and baby too.
But I honestly love how easy it is!



Bon said...

I haven't tried the over the car seat method yet but have been very tempted. It just sounds like it would be awkward. I have sat in the backseat in a number of parking lots to feed my little one(3 months old) or crawled in the trunk space of the SUV to change and feed. I'm pretty much of the mind that if she needs to be fed I'll feed her. I, like you, love the convenience and watching her feed. Lately she has been stopping and smiling at me. It is that look of pure joy and happiness. The look that says "Mommy I love you."

Serena said...

I feed my little one in his seat if needed as well. It isn't too had in our Radian as long as he wants the side closest to him.

Janine said...

I've totally nursed in the car seat as well. My confession is how much I love 'nursing naps'! If I'm tired I will just put the baby down for a nap in bed with me in the middle of the day. He sleeps at least twice as long when I'm right there to feed him if he stirs and snuggled up together we both get amazing sleep!

I also want to say that I love your honest product reviews. I was just reading on some diapers you wrote about and it's great to see real opinions, even the bad stuff. So many blogs just give the pros of different diaper brands and I end up not wanting to trust anything they write.