Friday, March 25, 2011

[I am] Crazy 4 Fluff- Featured on Friday

[I am] Crazy 4 Fluff Friday's

1. What's your name? Tell me a little about yourself/your family/etc
I am Toni George. I am a 24yr old stay at home mother and married 
to the love of my life, my best friend Will, who is my greatest support. 
We have two beautiful daughters, Lillian and Olivia. 
They make my world go round; I would be lost without them! 
We currently live in Memphis, Tennessee but hope to 
relocate to North-West Georgia within the next year 
or at least before the girls start school.

2. How long have you been cloth diapering? Why did YOU choose cloth? 
I started cloth diapering in August of 2010 when Lillian was 22months old. But the journey began in April of that same year when after a severe diaper rash would not heal! I was lead t believe that it was my fault,  until a friend from high school shared with me that she started using cloth on her two boys because of a horrible rash and they were rash free. From that point on I KNEW I would switch to cloth but it took me several months to do my research and finally make the plunge. I wish I would have known sooner because it has been the easiest and best choice I have EVER made for our family.

3. How has your choice to cloth diaper affected your family and friends? In the beginning my whole family was skeptical; they all thought I was loony. But now after they have seen how easy it is and how much better it is, they are very supportive. My husband has made the biggest change of them all. When Lillian was just a baby he would gag during every poopy diaper change, but now he helps out 100% with cloth, he even sprays out a poopy!  If my hubby can cloth diaper.. Anyone can!

4. What is your Go-To diaper? Why? Lillian- Blueberry because they are extremely absorbent and provide a great trim fit or FuzziBunz OS, the fit is sooo trim. We do have leaking issues every once in a while because she is such a heavy wetter. Olivia- a BumGenius AIO because they hold all the horrible explosive poo J

5. What is your favorite type? Why? 
I prefer pockets over anything. Stuffing even seems a bit soothing! I love that I can add extra absorbency when needed, especially for nighttime.  

6. How do you wash your diapers? Any tips or advice for newbies?
It has taken me a little time to get a good wash routine down pat. I wash daily beacue I have two in diapers and I can’t stand having too many diapers in the pail at once. I start out with a cold rinse with the occasion Bac-Out to help with the stinkies. It just takes a little to give the diapers a nice fresh citrusy scent.  

7. I know you're a fluff addict, tell me about it! No judging here! Promise. 
I am completely obsessed. Sometimes I feel like it is a bit of a love hate relationship..
I initially thought I would save money switching to cloth but when I became obsessed with fluff I started spending too much time, energy and money on diapers. I have calmed down but I occasionally buy a diaper just to feed that addiction, even when I don’t need one!
8. How big is your fluff stash? How many? What kinds? 
 I have too many! Every time I count I lose track or forget a few. 
But I roughly have about 105.  
This includes:
1 Mommy’s Touch
1 Doopsy
1 Best Bottom
1 Soft Bums Echo/ 3 inserts
1 Juniper Cottage
1 RumpaRooz
2 KnickerNappies
2 Econobum Prefolds
5 FuzziBunz Medium
4 FuzziBunz (S)
4 FuzziBunz (os)
6 BumGenius Mediums
1 Dippee Dypees fitted
1 Dippee Dypees prefold
2 Bottom Bumpers Medium
1 Bottom Bumpers OS
2 Bottom Bumpers (s)
2 Baby Sweet Bottoms
1 Doodle Dypes
1 Monkey Toe
4 BlueBerry
1 Thirsties Duo Fab Fittes
1 Bummis Tot Bots
1 Cozy Kids
2 HeidiOh fitteds
1 BG AIO (L)
1 Go Green Pocket Champ
1 Go Green original
2 Kawaii
5 Flip covers
10 Flip stay dry inserts
2 Zookies covers
6 BumGenius Elementals
4 BumGenius AIO (s)
8 BumGenius 3.0/4.0
6 BumGenius Bamboo fitted (s)
1 Smart Bottoms cover
1 Smart Bottoms prefold
1 Smart Bottoms AIO (s)
1 Best Bottom cover/ 3 inserts
1 Joli Mini
1 Beeberz Butts
1 ittibitti tutto
1 Wild Mountain Mommies
1 GreenChild Creations
1 Dream Maker Designs
3 Smarti Pants
2 Graham Baby Wear fitted
1 Baby Sweet Bottom (NB)
2 Thirsties covers (xs)
1 Thirsties cover (s)
1 sugar baby cover
1 sugar baby fleece cover
1 Three Happy Trees wool shorties  
1 Three Happy Trees wool longies
** I think that’s it.. haha! I have more on the way {blush}

9. Show me a picture of your stash!

Some of our stash. Minus our small diapers, wool and about 15 dirty.

10. What was your very first diaper? Do you still use it? 
My very first diaper was a fitted from HeidiOh diapers. We still use it every now and again! I did a review of her diapers back in December.

11. Tell me more... Has using cloth diapers made you take other steps in Going Green? Switching to cloth has changed my outlook on EVERYTHING that I use on a daily basis. I try to find ways to be more GREEN. I have switched to reusable baggies, cloth wipes, I no longer use paper plates, I am in the process of using family cloth and unpaper towels and as soon as AF returns, I will be using Mama Cloth!

12. Anything else you want to share? Any tips and/or advice about CD'ing?  
Reach out to other mams! There are a ton of mamas that want to help and truly can give some of the BEST advice! I spent so many months so overwhelmed but truthfully I was over analyzing everything! It wasn’t until I started asking other mamas that I started to really understand how easy cloth diapering really is. I have made so many friends, most of whom I’ve never met through cloth diapering.. They are all truly amazing women!
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this was a great post! thanks! i have to laugh though as we have a daughter Olivia and for our *yet to be thought about or conceived* second daughter we picked the name Lillian!!! lol they're such BEAUTIFUL names!! :) and i'm SO jealous of your stash! mine's like our daughter - small, but mighty! :)

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