Friday, April 8, 2011

Green As Wee Grow Review & Giveaway

Unless you have been living under a rock, 
you have heard that using organic products is better 
for not only our bodies but for our environment as well,
whether that be the food we put in our belly or the clothing we put on our back.
But some may wonder "Why? What are the real benefits?"
The list of reasons to choose organic is rather long 
but some top reasons are:
  • Keep Chemicals out of our bodies, air, water and soil 
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Protect our children and future generations
Green as Wee Grow is a company that provides 
clothing made from 100% organic cotton. 
They understand the importance of using organic cotton since
cotton is one of the top crops that is treated with pesticides!
Green as Wee Grow was founded by Samantha Fowler and her husband Tyler,
After being frustrated of looking for organic clothing with cute designs
for their daughters and not finding any.
They were concerned about putting clothing on their children
and not really knowing what chemicals they would be exposed to.
Green as Wee Grow was then born...
What is the their goal at Green as Wee Grow?
"We started out with a few main ideas of design;  
 our main focus was whimsy and creativity.  
Children have the ability to get lost in their own thoughts 
or a picture and can make an entire world 
out of one simple image.  That was our goal.  
Take something as simple as a bug flying 
on a dandelion and let the kids make a story.
My hope is to help parents who are looking 
for healthy clothing options find what they 
are looking for and maybe even have a few parents 
find that organic clothing is a better choice than they had thought."

What makes Green as Wee Grow different?
"Green as Wee Grow products are made completely 
in the United States using fair trade labor.  
This is really important to us for many reasons."

"1. Helping bring jobs back to the US was very 
important to us in a time when US companies seem to be outsourcing a lot of its work.
2. The amount of fuel needed to transport 
materials all over the world is part of our  
environmental problem and as an Eco-friendly company, 
it didn't make sense to add to the problem.  
Our clothes are made and printed in the 
same small town in North Carolina to help minimize our fuel impact.
3. Fair labor is about more than a fair wage; 
it's about making sure that the people who put in a 
long hard day’s work are treated with the respect that they deserve.
4. Choosing organic cotton is as important 
environmentally as eating organic foods."

{ I usually don't take word for word but this was too good to leave out!}

Green as Wee Grow's products are just too darling!


I was sent a 'Love Song' long sleeved onesie for Olivia 
and I love it! {We love it}

The Green as Wee Grow onesie we recieved is available is 
available in pink or natural, like the one we received.

Made with a very thick cotton unlike some onesies, 
it is sure to last through many washes!
Perfect for handing down to future children.
I can't forget to mention it is very soft.
The natural color is just that, natural. 
It is gender neutral, which I love!

The cute design on the front is by far my favorite part,
it reminds me of spring!
The adorable little chick sitting on a branch
singing her 'love song'.
There are so many other items that Green as Wee Grow sells
that I just adore.

These Green as Wee Grow organic bed sheets are
available in sizes from cribs up to king. 
Oh boy! Can you imagine what that 
would feel like to sleep in?

Dresses and other organic clothing is available
They have so many pretty designs for their
shirts, I can't even come close to picking a favorite!

Buying organic really does make a difference
in quality of the product, the impact it has on 
the environment and our health!

Would you like to try an organic Green as Wee Grow product?

Visit Green as Wee Grow and buy whatever your organic heart desires!

Green as Wee Grow would like to giveaway this
adorable giraffe onesie to ONE lucky reader.

Links you may need for this giveaway:
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This giveaway April 18, 2011  will end  at 11:59pm CST.
                    Winner will be notified by email and posted on my blog!    
Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.


**This is not a paid post. The opinions of this product are strictly that of my own and completely unbiased!              
**Thank you to the sponsor for the chance to review this product and for giving one lucky fan a prize!