Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sustainablilty Under Siege!

What do you see in this picture above?
I see a quaint little house in Memphis, home to
Adam Guerrero, a teacher at Raleigh Egypt High School.
I see sustainability at it's best but some see a public nuisance, Why?

In the front yard, down the edge of the driveway is a small 
organic garden, in his garage is a set up to make 
bio-diesel and homemade soap, in the side yard 
you will find barrels to catch rain water 
and solar panels to maximize harvest year round, 
and in his back yard you will find 
compost bins and a few beehives.

From Guerrero's Facebook Page: Bio-Diesel set up

From Guerrero's Facebook Page
Adam has taken a few of his students and other young men
from his inner-city neighborhood under his wing and
they help tend to the garden, make soap, bio-diesel, 
tend to the bees and learn how to be sustainable in 
a not-so-sustainable city!

From Guerrero's Facebook Page

What a wonderful activity for these youngsters, right?
You think the community that Mr.Guerrero lives in would
be proud to have a man like this in their neighborhood, right?
But unfortunately that is NOT the case.

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:

From Guerrero's Facebook Page:
After an unknown complaint Mr. Guerrero was cited 
for violating city ordinances and a judge deemed his
property a nuisance for failure to maintain 
"a clean and sanitary condition free from 
any accumulation of rubbish or garbage". 
Mr. Guerrero has been ordered to clean up
and will face the judge again on Sept. 23
to prove that he has done so.

Please help save Adam's garden!
This isn't just about HIS garden..
It's about sustainability as a whole.
Why can't Mr.Guerrero or others grow their own food?
Why is his beehive such a bothersome sight?
I admire that Mr. Guerrero has the time, energy
and drive to provide such a wonderful service to 
the youth in his neighborhood and I believe it 
sets a wonderful example for all of us that try to 
have just a small piece of sustainability..
If it be a small family garden, not using paper towels
or taking a small step to recycle more.

There is a petition that has been started to help
save Adam's garden and a Chip-in to help
raise funds to over-turn the judge's ruling.
Please if you can, take a moment of your time
and help save this garden.

Sign The Petition

Follow the "Save Adam's Garden" Blog

From Memphis Flyer
From Memphis Flyer

From Memphis Flyer

From Memphis Flyer


Jen Crum said...

Adam is my new hero! My husband has been trying to figure out how to get away with putting his bee hives in our back yard since we moved to our house - so far no luck... We'd love to be able to do the things Adam is doing! I hope the courts look favorably upon his innovation and good use of private property!

from whine to juice box said...

What a great thing this guy is doing!! I don't understand what he needs to clean up, or what the rubbish or garbage is? I've seen houses within city limits of Atlanta and suburbs that have actual trash and garbage lying around, I would much rather live next to Adam. Sharing the petition as well, hoping the courts rule in his favor!

Katie Barrett said...

What a crazy thing! this guy should be getting awards! Not only is he teaching kids life changing skills, he is keeping these young men off the streets and giving them something to live for. Its a sad world when people who are doing good are being treated like criminals while the criminals are going free.. I hope this judge comes to his senses..

And I don't see ANY garbage?? crazy...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How awesome! I hope people will leave them alone. It looks like such a positive thing for those kids.