Monday, September 12, 2011

CottonBabies Does It Again

I am a BIG fan of CottonBabies.
From the BumGenius line, to Econobum
to Flip.. Everything they put their name
on seems to be a hit!

Today, while browsing through my feed on Facebook
I came across a picture of a BumGenius diaper
in a gorgeous new color.
Where have I been? New Colors from CottonBabies?

Instantly I jumped on over to CottonBabies website
and low and behold..
CottonBabies is making some changes.

 First, There is a new diaper in town!
I was sad when CottonBabies discontinued their
BumGenius All-In-One; it has been our go
to daddy/baby sitter diaper.
CottonBabies was no fool, they obviously
knew the AIOs were a hit but they replaced the old
AIOs with the  
BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper.

In addition to making changes in the sizing of the
AIO, they also changed the performance.
"Maximize your freetime with the NEW, all-in-one, one-size cloth diaper. 
Two semi-attached stay dry inserts inside allow 
for adjustable absorbency. Diaper your baby in one easy step!"

CottonBabies has released a new Flip poduct,
The Flip Potty Trainer!

I am especially excited about this new addition!
Lillian who will be 3 next month is still 
learning how to use the potty and occasionally 
has accidents.
The Flip Potty Trainer would be a great addition
to our stash for night time or out of the house trips

Last but not least Cottonbabies
has added several new colors
and prints to their selection. These new colors will 
be available on Flip and BumGenius and the prints
will be available on Bumgenius diapers.
Not that I wasn't happy with the former
color choices but these are fabulous! 

I definitely don't NEED any more diapers
but I know that I can not live without a
Lovelace diaper!

The new Flip Potty Trainers and BumGenius Freetime
are available for preorder from your favorite
retailer as of today!