Monday, January 24, 2011

500+ Celebration Winner List

1.PixieKids Toys: Melissa Phinney CONFIRMED
2.Rayne Drops: Robyn Lucas CONFIRMED
3.Fabulous Family Reviews:Heather Lohrenz-
4.Kael& Kaed:Cloth diapering-mama
5.Ali Cat Accesories:Heddy Bee
6.Aliyah's Hope Chest: Jennifer Batey CONFIRMED
7.Bff Sweets:Valerie Peace CONFIRMED
8. SarahSewta:Ashley (Petes Sake on FB) CONFIRMED
9. Crazy 4 Fluff- Kawaii: Nikki Joyner*CONFIRMED*
10. Manely recycled:Maria Baldwin CONFIRMED
11. Love Lives Here Ad space: Danielle Harper CONFIRMED
12. Clovers Garden:Jennifer McCandless
13. My Pure Body Naturals:Megan Ward CONFIRMED
14. Love Lives Here Wipes:Chantal Thibeault CONFIRMED
15. CCBums:Jodi Kershuk - Confirmed
16. Handmade for you:daphne wooten
17. SugarBaby Diapers:kristina coffey 
18. B.F.F:Molly Rockwell  celticlullabye@gmail.ccom
19. Cloth By Tel:Gina Turella-Garcia CONFIRMED
20. Bowl of Freebies:Cheyenne Smith-
21. Crazy 4 Fluff- Leg warmers: Sherry Martinez*CONFIRMED*
22. Bouncing Woolies:Audra Gibson-Garner    
23. I'm that Mommy:lulu fawaz CONFIRMED
24. SugarBellies:Bonnie Goldspinner-
25. "S.R"- Rosebud:Lacy Mansfield CONFIRMED
26. "S.R"- CCBaby:ellie winn  CONFIRMED
27. Nikki's Creations:misty babb
28. CJN:Sabrina Radke CONFIRMED
29. HenHouse:Sarah Ashkar;
30.WittieChic: Melissa Speegle

If you have not been confirmed and contacted please email the sponsor.
Thank you everyone for you patience