Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New You 2011: Week 3

To say I had bad week would be an understatement.
I struggled a lot.
I am an emotional eater and lets just say I have been an emotional wreck.
The only thing I can do is to pick myself up off the floor
ans keep on going.
This is a long road.. There's no giving up!
I started out 221.
Last week I weighed 218.
this week I stayed the same. 
Yes I know No weight gained.
But I did horrible.
I snacked, I ate out.. I indulged in the worst foods imaginable.

I have goals and expectations for myself and I am disappointed.
I pray that I can have a better update this time next week.


Jessica said...

Hang in there!! I lost 5.1 lbs the first week and gained 1.4 lbs last week. I'm hoping to lose some this week =) **HUGS** sent your way!!

Amy said...

:( Sorry you had a bad week! I hope this week is better for you!

MommyFerg02 said...

I've had plenty of bad weeks like that! At least you didn't gain though! Hang in there! Thanks for linking up! I hope you have a better week!

Anonymous said...

I'm following you back from Green Mama Blog Hop.

I definitely know what you're going through, I'm struggling as well to lose some weight, and I have my bad days as well as my good ones. Keep your head up, and don't beat yourself up over those bad moments. Just double up and work a bit harder. <3

katychick said...

Todays another day - just try and start over and dont be so hard on yourself its hard to do..
come and follow me back please- i'm just starting out on this weigh loss blog too

allboymama said...

I think we've all been there & it's probably why we are here. I mean, I feel you, but I have to say that I'm glad that you & others are sharing honestly in this link up. That & some accountability is a great starting point for all of us. I think it's important for us to all keep linking up here whether we have good news to share or not cause if we don't link up the news that we're not sharing can go downhill fast. I'm glad you're here. Now let's all give ourselves a big kick in the booty :-)

M's Mama said...

Thanks for linking up with us!
I hope you have a better week this week!

You CAN do it :)

Sistergirl said...

Just joined the weight loss hop so I am really excite. I hope you will have a better week. Lets keep loosing.