Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Buried Asleep

Can you see my sleeping daughter?
You can't?
Look to the right of the picture...

See there she is!
Underneath all her friends.
She demands to sleep with ALL her stuffed animals.
And she fell asleep with her empty sippy cup!
                                         She's allowed a little water in her sippy at nap time!


Jess and the boys said...

Haha! That's cute! :)

Thanks for joining the Green Mama Blog Hop! I'm your newest follower!

And Then There Were 4...

RaisingGreenRichmondKids said...

following you back from the blog hop

Amber said...

What a cutie, following you back from the hop!

April said...

So cute! Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you back!

Kelsey said...

That is too cute!!!