Thursday, January 13, 2011

New You 2001: Week 2

This first week has been challenging!
I have craved everything imaginable.
Taco Bell, Oreos, Pie, Cheese burgers. You name it, I've wanted it.
But I made it, I didn't give in to my urges! 
Though I really honestly would have given my right arm for a Burrito Monday night.

I did a little research that if I want to lose a pound a week,
I should reduce my caloric intake to 1750 a day. 
But since I am a nursing mother, 
I should be taking in at least 1800-2200 a day, so not to risk my milk supply.
Did you know that a  
Whopper with Cheese, a medium fries and a medium Diet Coke is 710 calories!
HOLY COW! That is almost half of my daily allowed calories.
I had NO IDEA.

So last week I decided to join Weight Watchers.
In the past it is the only thing that has helped me.
Their program has allowed me to eat the foods I love and still lose weight.
Now don't get me wrong, I can't eat a Whopper meal everyday. 
But I can treat myself every now and then.

Weight Watchers goes by a points system.
Each food has a points value.
If I am allowed 30 points a day, and I eat a  piece of bread worth 2 points.. I have 28 left.
(Just an example. I don't have 30 points. lol.)
Weight Watchers recently changed their points system,
it's now called PointPlus.
And I love it! 

This week I weigh:218.0lbs
Total weight loss:3.4lbs :)

My goal for next week is:
To lose at least 3lbs
I hope to exercise more next week. 
We had a good bit of snow this week, so walking was not an option.
I need to drink more water and less soda. Even if the soda is diet, water is still best.
I plan to eat more fruit and veggies! :)


imthatmommy said...

Good job, you are doing great! I agree that as a nursing mom you shouldn't lower your calories too much. One thing that I found as a nursing mom is that I am always snacking! I can't help it, I'm just hungry. When I get snacky I either snack on baby carrots or almonds. Almonds are amazing. They are crunchy, have good fats and you can get them roasted or smoked. Both satisfy my snackiness. Good luck!

allboymama said...

Maybe if I start posting my weight, then I'll get more motivated lol Funny how it's ok to talk about it when we know we're motivated, but when we are feeling unmotivated those numbers are the last thing we want exposed. Keep up the good work!

kewkew said...

Way to go on your weight loss and not giving in to the temptations!!
I wanted to thank you for sharing the calorie guidelines for nursing moms. I wasn't sure, I just knew I couldn't limit myself as much as I used to in the one program. Not that I am really trying to count calories right now, as just exercising every day and limiting the sweets and not eating after dinner have been working. But it helps to know.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you.
Just to let you know, if you are interested I have a giveaway for a $25 CSN Stores giftcard going on over at my main blog,

Have a good week and keep up the good job and stay motivated. Blessings.