Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crazy Dogs Tees Review

My Hubby and I are t-shirt and jeans kind of people.
Nothing fancy!
Most of our tees are fun but lately it seems like everyone has the same old print.

But Crazy Dog T-shirt has such a wide variety of vintage tees!
My hubby had a very hard time picking just ONE for review.

My hubby Will, chose the Duck Duck Goose T-shirt  
He is always trying to make someone laugh and
a tee to compliment that is perfect for him!
We all played Duck, Duck, Goose as a child, right?
Well now my hubby can boast about being the state champ.
Will has ALREADY gotten several compliments and comments on this shirt.

The quality of this Crazy Dog Tee is great.
Nice thick fabric, it definitely will withstand the abuse of wear for years to come.

Go check out Crazy Dog Tees for yourself, I'm sure you'll 
find something you like.

They even have a tee for our favorite t.v. show, Big Bang Theory.

They have something for everyone, even kids!

Go browse through the TONS of great shirts 
at and find your favorite.

**This is not a paid post. The opinions of this product are strictly that of my own and completely unbiased!
**Thank you to the sponsor for the chance to review this product.