Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dippee Dypees Review

Dippee Dypees sent me two of their diapers for review!

The first is an adorable prefold in a heart print.
I have never used a prefold in its original intent, with a snappi or a pin. 
I usually just fold them in three and lay them in a cover.
But I decided to challenge myself! I wanted to use this prefold with a pin! 

 Thankfully I have one lonely diaper pin around our house.
It was definitely not as easy as I imagined it to be. 
Getting the wings and the front to all cooperate while pinning was a bit challenging.
Plus Olivia was losing her patience with me! 
Finally I was able to get it on properly. 
I was very proud of myself. 
Keep in mind, I am nowhere near a "pro-pinner but practice makes perfect! 

 The hubs was baffled when he went to change Olivia. 
He just stood there like.. "What do I do with this?". 
He refuses to attempt to put it on in the future! 
Although I don't think I'd let him... Don't want a pin in the baby! 
Of course the fit on the prefold was not anything to boast about. 
Since there is no elastic in the legs and waist, the fit was a bit loose, 
but with a cover on I had no issues with leaking!

Found these instructions on folding! Helped A LOT!

I did find that Dippee Dypees prefolds are rather absorbent, 
this diaper was hearty enough to hold for two hours while Olivia napped. 
I didn't think I' would be a fan prefolds
but I did. I have put this on her several times. 
And after much practice, I think I have the hang of it.
I even ordered some Snappis to make it a little easier.

I also received a Dippee Dypees fitted diaper for review.
The craftsmanship is excellent. 
It is evident that a lot of hard work and love went into making this diaper.
It comes with a very long snap in soaker. 
You can fold the soaker down to maximize absorbency, 
which is perfect for my heavy wetters.

This diaper lasted ALL night!
I put Olivia in this diaper hours before she normally goes to sleep,
but she was extra sleepy that day.
I decided not to wake her and just change her when she woke up to nurse.
She chose to sleep through the night!
And to my amazement.. She was DRY!
Talk about IMPRESSED.

 The fit on Olivia was fabulous. 
The wings had a lot of extra give, I was able to cross one wing over the other 
to get a nice snug fit across Olivia's belly.
The thigh opening is very generous. 
Not too big or too tight on her chubby thighs!
The rise was a bit higher than I like but not an issue, 
she definitely can wear this diaper for a long time to come!
The fit over her big bum was great. No plumber's crack!

Olivia had an explosive BF poo and the Dippee Dypees fitted 
was able to contain all of the mess!
This diaper was pretty bulky though!
Not an issue around the house but putting a pair of jeans over this
diaper was near impossible.
Fluffy bum is cute though, I do admit. ;)

Dippee Dypees makes a great diaper, fitted or prefold.

Would you like to have a Dippee Dypees diaper for your little one?

Visit Dippee Dypees and Renee will help you out!
{Great customer service.}

Let her know Crazy 4 Fluff sent you!

*This is not a paid post. The opinions of this product are strictly that of my own and completely unbiased!
                     **Thank you to the sponsor for the chance to review this product.  


Boise Wiebers said...

Nice post. Just to let you know, with a Snappi and some practice you can get a tight fit at the waist and legs. I fold mine so they end up with a gusset at the leg. Very rarely does the EBF wind up on the wrap. - Trisha

P.S. You could probably go at least 3 hours with a prefold.