Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured Fluff Addict: Cassondra of Mamas Passions


1. What's your name? 
Tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Cassondra.  I am a 26 yr. old SAHM to 2 boys. Married my high school sweet heart after 8 years of dating.  We live in a very small apartment but we are saving up for a nice big house, just like we saved up for a nice big wedding.  Although the house, we might still have to owe on it after we move in. HA!  Anyways, I love to enter giveaways, watch trashy Reality TV Series, eat sour patch kids while drinking Mountain Dew, sew ( I am going to open up my own shop here in a few months!),
take my oldest out to his sporting events ...
WOW!! I even breastfeed full time pretty much, cloth diaper (duh! haha) & try to be the best mama I can be while blogging about parenting, kids, cloth diapering, giveaways / reviews, makeup and fashion.

 2. Tell me about your family. 
How old are your little ones? Names?
I am married to Bobby.  We met online at age 15 and started to date at age 16.  We are now 26 with two young boys.  Chayden is 5 (okay, in August) and Colton is 8 months old (October Baby).  We are a very busy family, always on the go.  Camping, sports, shopping, and hardly any time to relax. 

3. How long have you been cloth diapering?
Why did choose cloth?
I only Cloth diapered my youngest, Colton.  When Chayden was little, nobody used it.  Or at least, I never seen it or really heard of it!  Colton was 2 months old and since 3 days old, his bum was bleeding.  Literally.  I could not get it to stop!  I brought him in to his ped. and he gave me yeast infection cream.  Helped ZERO percent.  So, we switched different brands of diapers and went to sensitive wipes.  Nothing.  Still a bloody mess.  You don't even want to know!  So I hopped on my mommy group and seen a section about Cloth Diapers.  I hesitated and then did some addicting research.  Within days, I went ahead and bought some seconds prefolds and covers.  Enough for 3 days worth for less than $50.  By day 3, Colton's butt was clear!!! He was a little over 2 months old, around Christmas 2010.  Since that day, I never touched a disposable nor will I ever look back.  I am fully, addicted! 

4. How has your choice to cloth diaper 
affected your family and friends?
My friends and family thought I was a cook a doodle for choosing cloth.  They would sit there and watch as I changed a diaper like they had seen  ghost!. Then they would ask me questions about laundry and care, etc etc.  They now think I'm pretty awesome, or so they tell me to my face.  My non-parenting friends want to cloth in the future and I switched over many people TO cloth.  They all thought you had to be a hippy to cloth diaper.  I thought that too.  But I'm not a hippy.  I think I'm pretty fashionable and awesome =]  Cool parents can Cloth Diaper too yanno! =]

5. What is your Go-To diaper? Why?
My Go-To diaper is a pocket diaper.  
Don't ask why.  Its just because we have mostly those.  
I will go to anything really.  Its just whats next in line.  
Dang it, I'm addicted!  
I don't CARE what diaper it is, 
just as long as its absorbent! =]  

6.What is your favorite type? Why?

My favorite type of diaper is any WAHM diaper.  
Yes, thats not a "type" but I fully appreciate 
anything a WAHM can do!  
Which is why I am so inspired by 
them that I am going to start up my own ... 

7. How do you wash your diapers? 
Any tips or advice for newbies?
Summer time, Handwash.  I don't want mold on the diapers because it is so hot and humid in our place.  Every morning, I toss the diapers in the sink with hot water and Rockin' Green Soap.  Soak and squish the diapers around for 1 hour, rinse, hang out side, we're good.  The sun bleaches them so we're good on looking ... "good". 
I also live in an apartment.  We share a washer with other residents.  I do machine wash and we have hard water.  I rinse everything in the sink before putting into the wet bag  or Pail so that I end up doing one hot wash load in the machine, toss in dryer, and we're good. I love to use Sweet Cheeks CD Detergent off of etsy.  That is the only stuff that gets our diapers super clean and stink free, machine wise. 

 8. I know you're a fluff addict, tell me about it! 
No judging here! Promise.
For 6 months now, thats all I ever talk about.  Thats all I ever buy or research now a days.  Cloth diapers.  I hang them outside so neighbors can see.  I purposly expose them out in public so others can ask, "What the HELL is that?" LOL.  I am starting a newborn stash right now for baby #3 even though we aren't TTC yet!!

9. How big is your fluff stash? 
How many? What kinds?
OH we have all sorts! Prefolds / Fitteds / Flats (receiving blankets) / Pockets / AIO's / AI2's. I'd say we have about enough diapers for 50 changes + some.
We have pretty much at least 1 diaper from almost every brand out there. Happy Heiny, Thirsties, Smart Bottoms, etc etc ...

10. Show me a picture of your stash! 
Okay, this is the most current pic;  March.  Since then, we have more than doubled what we have.

12. What was your very first diaper? 
Do you still use it?
Prefolds - Still use
Wonder Wraps Covers - Do NOT use. just Sitting there.
Sweet Doll Baby Diapers - Do NOT use.  All the elastic or PUL ripped / broke. The "good" ones are the swimming diapers now.

12. Tell me more... Has using cloth diapers 
made you take other steps in Going Green?
ER ... no.  

13. Anything else you want to share? 
Any tips and/or advice about CD'ing? 
{If you have a blog, share it with us!}
Not really tips.  Just have fun with it!  
Get those cute prints and show them off!  
My blog is:

Thank you Cassondra for 
sharing your fluff addiction :)


SondraMama said...

You are so welcome! Makes me want to hug his diapers now! Oh wait. They're outside enjoying the nice weather.

ticklemetiffyyyy said...

This post reminds me so much of myself...I met my DH online, love trashy reality tv (the trashier the better) and have full blown fluff addiction which I make sure I show off in public whether its hanging from the line or when the girls are wearing skirts or dresses I make sure they have on their cutest fluff. I am on a DH imposed spending freeze so I got started entering giveaways to try and win some fluff lol. I am about half as stashy but then again Im still a rookie (only been CDing for about 6 months) . I will and be checking out your blog for sure cuz Im hoping to start my own and I love reading stuff from likeminded mamas (which is why I read this blog).

Love{&}Bugs said...

Oh how fun! I'd love to do this sometime :-)

Anonymous said...

I love to read Mama's Passions! I love to read these kinds of blogs because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in this mothering cloth diapering experience! (none of my close friends have children and none of my family that has young ones cloth diaper. everyone thinks i'm nuts so its nice to read so I dont feel like i'm alone in this!).