Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunning Out Stains Challenge

The sun is amazing.
Not only does it generate enough heat to maintain life
on our planet, but it is a natural stain remover.
Yep, you heard me right.. You can SUN OUT STAINS!

Ever get frustrated by a dingy diaper?
You know those stains that seem to pop up out of
NOWHERE on your precious, favorite diaper.
What do we expect? They are for pooing in, right?
I know it has happened to me and tons of other mamas;
We work really hard to keep our fluff stash in
tip-top shape but low and behold stains creep in.

Just like a bothersome ketchup stain on your 
favorite white t-shirt, stains on diapers are embarrassing;
It may lead some to believe you don't wash them properly
or that you are careless with them.
But I know that's not the case.
Some stains are inevitable but have no fear, 
there IS a solution.

I recently bought a BumGenius Elemental off a mama
on Fluff Swappers for ridiculously cheap because
it was in such a horrible condition.
The mama ensured me the diaper was in working order
but just very badly stained.
When I received the diaper in the mail
I was shocked! I had NEVER seen a diaper
that badly stained, in person!
The diaper had stains galore;
Not just poo stains but hard water, rusk
like staining ALL over the inner.
I was truly skeptical that I would be able to "FIX"
this diaper but I was up for the challenge.

  First I washed the BGE in Crunchy Clean
along with my regular diaper laundry
and sunned for a FULL day, but that
did not seem to faze it any.
My hubby even made a comment
"I think that one needs to be washed again."
lol. men!
On the second day I washed it with a load 
of the girls laundry (I use Crunchy Clean for all laundry)
and drenched it with straight lemon juice.
{Lemon Juice can be applied directly to stains or added
to the rinse cycle to help with stains.}

BGE and lemon juice

Diaper on the line on the 3rd day
 Then another day of sun bathing.. and night, I forgot it. Oops.
The next day I did the same again, washed with a load 
of laundry, drenched it with lemon juice and let it
spend the day soaking up the sun.
After 3 full days, 2 doses of lemon juice and
4 full washes, my clementine BumGenius Elemental
that I purchased for uber cheap looks
like a completely different diaper.

I still look at that diaper in amazement.
Take into consideration that I live in Tennessee
with very little cloud cover.. The 3 days I 
sunned this diaper it reached 100 degrees easily.
I know not everyone has access to sun most days, 
but truly any sun is better than none!
UV rays can still get to the diaper thru the clouds.

**A little side note, when using lemon juice
make sure to rinse out before putting back
on baby's skin!
Side by side for comparison
I hope this article shows you that
the sun can do wonders on your stains 
and that truly NO stain is impossible!
Are you up for the Sunning Out Stains Challenge?


Kiyomi said...

I will have to try the lemon juice! I purchased most of my diapers off craigslist and they some bad staining. I have sunned them but not mulitple times after each other. I washed, sunned, and used again (I don't have enough diapers to put all the ones that have bad staining through that).
Maybe I will try it with a couple at a time.
Thanks, great post!

Forgetful Mom said...

I only hang mine to dry. Either on the line in direct sunlight or on a drying rack in front of our picture window where they get early morning sunlight. I am going to have to remember about the lemon juice for future use.

ticklemetiffyyyy said...

I had my doubts about sunning originally (Im still pretty much a CD rookie) until someone showed me this link http://knickernappies.blogspot.com/2010/11/sunning-your-diapers-in-rain-does-it.html
and then on diaperswappers someone asked for sunning pics since they were skeptical and it started a whole thread of all these miraculous pics and now I am happy to say I have sunned out infant AND toddler stains successfully :)

thanks for posting this though as Im sure some of your readers may have been skeptics like I once was!