Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Want to be a featured Fluff Addict? Are you Crazy 4 Fluff?

I know I'm not the only one who is Crazy 4 Fluff;
That is evident by the 1,000+ blog followers I have.
I would love to hear about you, your kiddos, your stash
and your life! 
Answer the below questions and I will post one new 
Fluff Addict every friday!
If you have a blog you can let everyone know 
that you were featured over at Crazy 4 Fluff
as this weeks Fluff Addict!
Here is what I (& other mamas) want to know:

1. What's your name? Tell me a little about yourself.

2. Tell me about your family. How old are your little ones? Names?

3. How long have you been cloth diapering? Why did choose cloth?

4. How has your choice to cloth diaper affected your family and friends?

5. What is your Go-To diaper? Why?

6.What is your favorite type? Why?

7. How do you wash your diapers? Any tips or advice for newbies?

8. I know you're a fluff addict, tell me about it! No judging here! Promise.

9. How big is your fluff stash? How many? What kinds?

10. Show me a picture of your stash!

12. What was your very first diaper? Do you still use it?

12. Tell me more... Has using cloth diapers made you take other steps in Going Green?

13. Anything else you want to share? Any tips and/or advice about CD'ing?
{If you have a blog, share it with us!}

Pictures are not required but are very nice to share! :)


So If you want to be featured please answer the questions
and gather some pictures (optional) and email me at


Selina said...

I'd love to! Do I email you my answers & pics?

*Toni Alexis* said...

Yes, Selina! Please email me at

thepennywisechick said...

Writing something up now! I'm new to cloth diapering, but love it and would love to share. :) Will email it to you tomorrow once I've taken pics of my stash.

Regi:Create said...

I totally emailed you. I'm excited about this.