Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Featured Fluff Addict: Lisa of The Penny Wise Chick

 Crazy 4 Fluff's very 1st featured fluff addict: 
Lisa of The Penny Wise Chick

My name is Lisa, but in the bloggy world, 
I also go by The Penny Wise Chick! 
I’m a stay at home mom to a 9 (almost 10) month old darling little boy and my hubby is in the military.  I’m very new to cloth diapering and have been doing it for about a month now. I really wanted to cloth diaper when my son was born, but there were so many options that I was overwhelmed and really gave up before I began. I used disposables with him and didn’t ever 
really have a problem – except for the cost. 

 I decided to start cloth diapering after meeting a friend 
who cloth diapered and after another friend 
had a cloth diapering party. 
I met several women who cloth diapered and was able 
to ask tons of questions and really see and touch the diapers. 
After a few days of thinking about it, I decided now was the 
time to try it out and see if cloth diapering was for me.  
 I bought just 3 Fuzzibunz to start and see how we did. 
I was nervous, but I figured 3 cloth diapers wasn’t a 
huge cost and if it was horrible I could stop there and go back to disposables. 
At the time I had no idea how 
much fun cloth diapering could be!

So far cloth diapering hasn’t affected family and friends 
all that much since we live so far away from family. 
With my husband being in the military we just moved 
to a new state (New Mexico) and have 
only been here about 8 months.   
Our family is on the East Coast so none of them have 
even seen our little guy in cloth yet. I’ve told my mom 
about it quite a bit, but I think she’s wondering why 
I switched when disposables worked great for us.  
My mom used cloth diapers with my 
brothers back when diapers 
were swished in the toilet, and pins were used instead of snaps.  
Cloth diapering has come a long way and although 
I never cloth diapered using pins; I can only 
imagine that challenge with a squirming baby!

I don’t know if I can really say what my go-to diaper is just yet. 
I’m still so new to cd’ing that I’m pretty happy with 
all of my diapers so far.   
I have FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys, BumGenius, 
GoGreenPocket Diaper, Swaddlebees, 
and I just received my GroVia diapers 
that I have yet to try out. (They’re in the wash right now 
getting all prepped and ready!) I can’t wait to use them!!

Our wash routine is pretty simple and has worked great so far. 
Our washer is definitely not a fancy one – no bells and whistles 
to be seen in our laundry room. 
But it does the trick so I’m happy with it. 
I do a cold rinse first, then a hot/cold wash on the heavy 
setting with detergent and sometimes an extra rinse at the end. 
I’ve been using a free & clear detergent, but I do have 
some samples of Tiny Bubbles and Rockin Green 
that I’m looking forward to trying. 
I’ve been saving them for when my diapers needed 
a really good wash and/or if I had any stink issues. 
I’ve heard awesome things about both Tiny Bubbles and RnG so we’ll see how they do.
No tips or advice for newbies yet, since I’m a newbie myself! 
But I will say that I’m very surprised how quickly 
I’ve become such a fan of cloth diapering. 
I love washing them, and I love 
hanging them to dry even more. 
Every time I hang them outside I want to take a 
picture of how pretty they look blowing in the summer breeze. 
My fluff stash is still pretty tiny, if you can even call it a stash. 
I have just 12 diapers so far, mainly pockets and I’m looking 
forward to getting a few more soon.   
I have a minky blue blueberry diaper that I absolutely 
love the feel of and I have a go green pocket diaper that
has stars on it that fits great on my little guy. 
I mainly have solid diapers which I really like since 
I try to match the diaper to his outfit 
which is pretty easy with a solid. =) 

I have a blog and I’d love for you to check it out!  
The Penny Wise Chick is my site and 
I created it after becoming a SAHM. 
Going from 2 incomes with no kids to 1 income with a baby 
has definitely been an adjustment to 
everything in our lives, including financially. 
When our little guy was born, I realized 
that I wanted to get more thrifty 
and see where I could save our family money. 
Once I started couponing and finding all sorts of great deals, 
I wanted to share them, which is how the blog came about. 
On my site I share coupons, giveaways, tips & tricks 
and all sorts of good stuff to save money, one penny at a time! 
Check out my site where 
I’ve even posted about cloth diapering 
and the adventures I’m having so far!

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your story!